Crossfit for Diablo

More than a year ago, I joined the CFMNL Crossfit community based in Fort (actual location is – Army Gym in Taguig City). It was a sudden decision. 
I don’t know anything about Crossfit, except having a trial session in their Alabang box. I don’t know anyone who’s doing crossfit. However, I got up, picked up my small bag – tried it out and almost fainted after the first WOD (Workout of the Day) session.
“Anak ng Tokwa!” (In English – “Son of Tofu”) – these were the words I kept on saying after trial. And I got no friends during that time – just myself in the box. 

The membership was expensive, so I went back over and over and over – to maximize the services I paid for.

Slowly, I gained acquaintances and friends. I started adding small weights to my barbels to progress. I’m not a big man – I’m fine with small weights. 😁

I think I’ll be good.



One Day More

One Day More..Everytime I hear this song from the musical — Les Miserable — I always smile. This song is about hope — amidst all the things that has happened, and the unpredictable tomorrow, we are taking/living one step/one day at a time..

It is very hard to plan when you are thinking of the bad things that might happen (not that blindspot analysis is a bad technique) in the future — it is always good to take a good risk assessment for your career growth. The results will help you decide which path you will have the greatest opportunity.

One day more. One day more You live one more day and you let go of the previous as if nothing happened.

One more day — always hope for a better tomorrow.

Alumni Speech

The De La Salle alumni has invited me to share some things regarding De La Salle University. I was a bit hesitant to do it because I do not know what to talk about. Haha! I’m still in process of planning my career — what are they expecting me to say?

Roy sent me the poster invite and Robbie phoned me about it — so they weren’t joking after all.. Haha! I told them, “ok, I’ll do it!”

Then it happened yesterday. I saw these La Sallians lined up in front of the center, wearing black and white suits. — what the hell? — I was really furious with Roy because he didn’t tell me about the dress code, or so I thought..

I got my phone and browsed the poster he has sent, and then at the bottom of the poster I saw the dress code — hehe — the usual joey, the usual carlo — not reading the instuctions completely.

So what else can I do? — NONE!

I wore my brown denims, green-striped short sleeves polo and brown driving shoes. Hehe! Ready for the formal affair.

I met Benj Uichico, Johnny Sy and Arnie Azcarraga again! F*ck!

Hahaha! “Uy Joey! You’re speaking pala in this event..” says Benjie. And all I was able to say is, “Aha!”

My speech focused on career, I shared with them, Alice’s dilemma when she reached the fork..

They seemed to be listening very well (maybe they’re all good actors and actresses).. Well, they clapped their hands when I finished my speech. I assume they did understand my speech.. Haha!

I saw Yvonne, Leland and Roy (who looks very happy with Ynah) and Leland who wants to grab a beer — lablayp! Hahaha!

It was fun! I’m not a good lovelife advisor so I hoped I satisfied Leland with how I interpreted his stories. Haha.

Its always fun to be with friends. Haha! Solo lang kasi ako lagi! Nice, nice!

Alice in Wonderland

“Alice came to a fork in the road. ‘Which road do I take?’ She asked.
‘Where do you want to go?’ responded the Cheshire Cat.
‘I don’t know,’ Alice answered.
‘Then,’ said the Cat, ‘it doesn’t matter.”

The passage was shared by a boss.

I personally am a happy go lucky person. Even now, if asked whether what’s my target career, I’d tell them — I don’t know.

It isnt good to have no plans. It isnt good that you dont know what you really wanted.

But this works for me, from operations, to projects, to risk.. I do not specialize in one function which made me very flexible in terms of doing any job.

Although when asked outside — so, what is really your core specialization? — Haha! When asked with this question, I give them this answer “Operations, Projects and Risk, that’s how good I am.”

Hahaha! Can’t still say that it worked.. Haha! — Maybe, maybe not.

When I get to encounter the cat, I will make sure I have an answer — ‘I know!’ or ‘I don’t know!’



Eto yung mga pagkakataon, when I missed being with my friends. You know their stories, you know the questions, you know the jokes and you seem to know everything.

Now, I don’t even know what they’re talking about, which is the same case with me. They don’t even know what I am talking about.

Ang dami nang nagbago, lalo akong naging jologs. Haha. Maybe I should hangout with some friends from alabang para maging sosyal uli ako.

Iba na talaga ko ngayon, kung dati ipinipilit ko ang gusto ko, hinahayaan ko na lang ngayon. Hindi pa ko nagiging mature, natututo lang akong makisama pakonti konti.

But I must admit, na-miss ko mga kaibigan ko. Na-miss ko humingi ng pabor, na-miss mangulit, na-miss ko lahat. Haha. Pero sa tingin ko nagbabago ko para rin naman sa ikauunlad ng sarili kong pagkatao.

Di man ako kailangan ngayon ng mga kaibigan ko, sa sandaling mangailangan sila at wala silang masandalan, dito lang ako. No problem. Hehe.

Iba na

Medyo marami nang nagbago sa kin. Haha.

May mga bagay na hindi ko na ginagawa sa mga kaibigan ko na dati kong ginagawa gaya ng pagkulit manood ng Tagalog mo movies, pagyakag tumambay at pag inom ng alak ng madalas..

May mga bagong bagay din na ginagawa ko ngayon, gaya ng pagsimba kapag may oras pa, paghanap ng trabaho sa linkedin gamit ang company internet at paggawa ng trabaho na hindi naman dapat sakin..

Minsan nakaka-miss maging makulit, kaya lang alam ko namang hindi dapat laging ganun. Sa bawat pagkakaibigan lagi dapat may bigayan, di dapat laging ako yung hingi ng hingi! Hahaha!


Only Child

1. The only child gets the full attention of both parents;
2. The only child gets most of what he/she wants (provided the parents have the resources);
3. They always do what they think is right without consulting the people around them;
4. Most of them are spoiled brats;
5. Most of them are really obnoxious;
6. They want to be with people whom they think has the same wit as they have;
7. They only open up when they’re already comfortable with the people around them;
8. Most are tactless;
9. Most think only of themselves; and
10. They are very hard to deal with.

These are most of the qualities I possess as an only child.. I always do what I think is right, regardless of whatever..

I therefore conclude that I’m somewhat.. bad.. Hehehe..

Though I’m bad, there’s only one thing I’m sure of — I don’t have friends.. But I have brothers and sisters.